Beware of Losing Money in Bonds

While bonds are traditionally considered a more conservative investment than stocks, it is possible to lose money in bonds. Yes, you read that correctly. In order to protect your money while investing in bonds, be wary of the following: 
Interest rate fluctuations — Bond prices decline when interest rates rise…. Read more

How Emerging from Coronavirus Provides Gigantic Investment Opportunities
investment opportunities

Looking back, we can see how the coronavirus pandemic has provided investment opportunities, some of which delivered unusually strong returns. “Retrospective investing,” though, is a fool’s game. Since past performance can’t predict future results, we need to consider other approaches, not just historical gains, when designing portfolios. 
How to invest if you lack prophecy 
It’s amazing how many people tell me,… Read more

The Truth about Corona and Successful Investing
investment opportunities

Some successful investors figured out ways of making money from the corona pandemic. But when you hear their stories, are you really getting the truth? 
Black swans 
Economists often talk about “black swans” in the world of investing, meaning events that seem obvious in hindsight but aren’t evident at the time…. Read more

Do the Opposite of the Politicians

In the run up to the election, politicians lead the way in demonstrating how NOT to plan for the long term. Looking at their methods can be instructive for investors… as long as we do the opposite of what they do. 
Another new party? 
When I made aliya, I was amazed at how fractured Israel’s political arena was…. Read more

Buying and Selling Stocks During Periods of Economic Crisis
Dividend-Paying Stocks

For the past several months, pundits have been talking about the current economic crisis and downturn in the economy. How long can an economic crisis last, and what ramifications does it have for your investment portfolio? 
Economic turmoil can wreak havoc with short-term investing. If you know you’ll need cash in the short-term,… Read more

How Bad Will the Markets Get?

“With everything going on, how bad will the markets get?” a client asked me recently. We were examining his U.S. brokerage portfolio, including his IRA (Individual Retirement Account), and measured the balance he had between stocks, bonds, and cash. Lacking prophecy, I asked him a question back, “What are the top three reasons you think the markets will drop?” “Easy!” he replied,… Read more

Did Corona Prevent You From Accessing Your Investments?

“I was very glad that your team was available when I needed you last week,” a client told me. “With the world economy shuttered, I was happy that I had access to my investments.” 
During the corona virus panic, non-essential companies had to close down. But companies like ours, who have been entrusted with helping people deal with their money, … Read more

Should I be Concerned about a Crash in the Global Economy?
global economy

Is the global economy on the verge of another collapse? Thirty years ago, if you were a stock market investor in the United States, your main concern would probably have been the overall health of the U.S. economy. There was simply no reason for most investors to pay attention to the economic wellbeing of other countries…. Read more

Are Emerging Markets’ Potential Returns Worth the Risks?
emerging markets

Investors are on track to invest $1 trillion in emerging markets in 2017. Emerging market investments allow investors to try to capture higher investment returns in exchange for higher risks… sometimes significantly higher risks.
Investing in rapid growth
As emerging markets transition to free market economies, they can offer potentially greater economic growth (as measured by gross domestic product (GDP)) than developed countries…. Read more