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Do You Want to Avoid Extra Taxes on Your Investments?

Cross-border investment and pension planning can be very complicated, and wrong decisions can cost you extra in taxes. Recently, I participated in a meeting with a pension advisor and a shared client. The pension advisor suggested certain programs for the client that would save him Israeli tax and build up his pension in Israel…. Read more

The Power of Viktor E. Frankl’s Teachings for Financial Success

As a financial planner, I have heard countless stories from clients who are in financial turmoil. People tell me about making bad choices with their money, about dreams put on hold, and about money lost. Yet, here is one story that stands out: a client who found financial success through Viktor Frankl’s teachings…. Read more

Can a Brokered CD be Considered the Key to Financial Success?

When it comes to investing in CDs (bank certificates of deposit), brokered CDs are gaining more and more attention. With the recent increase in interest rates, clients can now get between 4% and 5% on insured bank deposits (as of January 2023). Brokered CDs are an attractive option because they allow clients to diversify their holdings in many banks through one U.S…. Read more