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Avoid This Common Estate Planning Mistake
Avoid This Estate Planning Mistake

A will or trust is critical to protect your estate after your passing, and to make a smooth transition of wealth to your intended heirs. That’s why it’s critical to keep it updated.
Take the story of Sarah: Her sister’s family lives in the Tel Aviv apartment her widowed father suggested should be sold upon his death…. Read more

The Best ROI Can’t Be Found on Your Brokerage Statements

In the past six months, my life has been filled with joy as I welcomed two new grandchildren, and eagerly await the stork’s next arrival, b’shaah tovah! These dividends are the best ROI, return on investment, of being a parent! As a CFP® and cross-border financial advisor, the new babies remind me of the importance of planning for the future and leaving a lasting legacy…. Read more

What Type of Millionaire Should You Be?

Do you dream of joining the ranks of the world’s millionaires? Whatever your ambitions, understanding the different types of millionaires is a key to success. From net-worth millionaires who’ve accrued their wealth through investments, to asset-value millionaires whose fortunes lie in tangible assets, to cash-flow millionaires who leverage the power of passive income,… Read more

Why I’m Not Afraid of Being Replaced by a Robo-Advisor or AI

I’m fascinated by AI tools and find my curiosity only heightens when I aim to incorporate them into my everyday life (full disclosure: this article is penned by a living, breathing human—not AI). Though Robo-advisors and Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) both strive to provide sound financial advice, there exists a vast contrast in their approach and overall capabilities…. Read more

Is a Mortgage the Best Way to Finance a Home?

Did you find the house of your dreams and now want to know what the best way to finance a home is? There are multiple options available and it can be difficult to determine which is the best one: should you take out a mortgage or liquidate investments and use that money?… Read more

Financial Planning: When to Merge Assets in a Second Marriage

Making financial decisions as part of a second marriage can be tricky. Recently I was helping a woman who had remarried and was looking for advice on how to handle her new financial situation. Second marriages, where each spouse brings assets, debts, and children with them, need to be managed with sensitivity…. Read more

The Best Way to Draw an Income from Your Investments

Investing isn’t just about accumulating wealth; it’s also about creating a sustainable income stream that you can rely on for life. Benjamin Franklin said, “Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.” That is all well and good, but in order to make this work, you need a smart investment plan…. Read more