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When the Dollar Drops, How Important Is Currency Diversification?
dollar drops

Do you feel worse off when the dollar drops against the shekel? Though some people love to guess future currency moves, watch out for the trap of making a big bet on one currency. A dual citizen, residing in one country and keeping assets in another, should consider currency diversification. 
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Should Your Financial Planner Wish You a Long Life?

For a financial planner, it’s critical to know clients’ assets and cash flow to arrange investments to best meet financial goals. But the most important figure to really make accurate financial plans is the “end date” of the plan. 
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Suddenly Russia Attacks! Gain the Willpower to Make the Right Investment Choice

The Russian invasion of Ukraine wreaked havoc on the global markets. Without belittling the pain of those directly hurt by military action and seeking refuge, those of us in safety are left wondering how this crisis might impact our investing.
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