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Was Your Brokerage Account Restricted Due to Your Address
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You may have heard that some major U.S. brokerage firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have told clients living outside of America that they must close their accounts. Some people have called me and said, “I don’t understand how they know I live in Israel. I use my brother’s home in California as the address on my account.” These days,… Read more

The Best Dividend There Is
Doug holding grandchild

Today I’m not going to present a list of high-dividend producing stocks, but rather share my thoughts on the best dividend you can receive…a grandchild.
After recently becoming a grandfather again (welcome to the world Yotam Amichai!), I can confidently say that having a grandchild is the best dividend ever! Talk about compounded joy,… Read more

How a Russian Nuclear Attack Could Destroy the World Economy
destroy the world

One of the more enjoyable parts of my job is answering questions clients have about their portfolios. Given the continuing Russia/Ukraine war, I’ve been asked multiple times about how a Russian nuclear attack could affect the world markets and destroy the world economy. Though clients have phrased the question more delicately,… Read more

What Every New Immigrant Needs to Know in One Brief Letter
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A new olah from America asked me for aliya advice. She had already contacted me six months before she arrived, set up new U.S. brokerage and IRA accounts through my office, and had all her investments in place. Though there are plenty of resources to help new immigrants,… Read more