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How to Win the “Client of the Month Award”

Today’s “Client of the Month Award” goes to Mrs. S. because of how she stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to understand her investments. 
Who handles the money? 
For convenience, many couples select one partner to handle the investment decisions. It’s OK to do that if that person has more expertise or enjoys dealing with the family’s finances…. Read more

The Truth about Corona and Successful Investing
Successful investors

Some successful investors figured out ways of making money from the corona pandemic. But when you hear their stories, are you really getting the truth? 
Black swans 
Economists often talk about “black swans” in the world of investing, meaning events that seem obvious in hindsight but aren’t evident at the time…. Read more

Do the Opposite of the Politicians

In the run up to the election, politicians lead the way in demonstrating how NOT to plan for the long term. Looking at their methods can be instructive for investors… as long as we do the opposite of what they do. 
Another new party? 
When I made aliya, I was amazed at how fractured Israel’s political arena was…. Read more

Who Benefits from Your Investments
Who Benefits from Your Investments

People struggle to find a good birthday gift for their parents, but my children know the trick. They can always buy me a book by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z”l. From their most recent present, Lessons in Leadership, I discovered that Rabbi Sacks’ conclusion, “Seven Principles of Jewish Leadership,” corresponds to some of the most important financial planning lessons. … Read more