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What are Common Characteristics of Millionaires?

While everyone’s financial situation is unique, during my nearly three decades of preparing financial plans, I’ve noticed that millionaires tend to share similar characteristics. 
Although correlation doesn’t prove causation, it may be interesting to review this list to see if cultivating these personality traits in yourself might increase your financial success. … Read more

Unsolicited Advice for Young Couples Getting Married
wedding rings

As I prepare for my youngest son’s marriage (mazal tov to him and his wonderful bride!), I can’t help but reflect about the hundreds of couples I’ve met over the years as a financial professional. I’d like to share some tips I’ve learned from watching financially successful marriages:
For newlyweds: What are you bringing into your marriage? … Read more

Great News for Million+ Dollar Account Holders Who Need to Transfer Out
The Most Important Numbers in Your Investment Statement

“Not only have I been a client of theirs forever,” a new client just told me. “I have a multi-million dollar account. Do they really want to lose my business?”
After my first conversation with this retiree who had both an IRA and brokerage account at Wells Fargo, he realized that being forced out of his existing account was a blessing in disguise…. Read more