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How to Look at Reddit and Robinhood for Investment Ideas
woman looking at a ipad with grimace on face

I saw a “floater” in my eye and, like any responsible person, I Googled everything I could find on the topic. From a respectable site, I discovered, “Floaters are very common and typically don’t require treatment.” Relieved, I figured next time I go for an eye exam, I’ll mention it to the doctor…. Read more

How Emerging from Coronavirus Provides Gigantic Investment Opportunities
investment opportunities

Looking back, we can see how the coronavirus pandemic has provided investment opportunities, some of which delivered unusually strong returns. “Retrospective investing,” though, is a fool’s game. Since past performance can’t predict future results, we need to consider other approaches, not just historical gains, when designing portfolios. 
How to invest if you lack prophecy 
It’s amazing how many people tell me,… Read more

How to Win the “Client of the Month Award”

Today’s “Client of the Month Award” goes to Mrs. S. because of how she stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to understand her investments. 
Who handles the money? 
For convenience, many couples select one partner to handle the investment decisions. It’s OK to do that if that person has more expertise or enjoys dealing with the family’s finances…. Read more