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The Smart Couple’s Guide to Financially Surviving Illness

When you come home from the doctor with a major diagnosis, after you call your family members, consider calling your financial advisor. 
Why? Because changes in physical health can also affect your fiscal health. It’s better to plan for a worst-case scenario which never happens than to struggle with the financial ramifications of illness.   … Read more

How to Manage Your Finances After a Divorce

Divorce often brings a whirlwind of emotions and challenges, and for many, it can significantly alter financial circumstances. Through years of advising dual citizen olim, I’ve witnessed firsthand the financial challenges divorce brings. It’s not merely about having (or losing) money; it’s about navigating the division of assets in a fair way,… Read more

Should You Put an Inheritance in a Joint Account or Keep it in Your Name Only?

If you live in Israel and receive an inheritance from someone who passed away in America, should those funds go in your name alone… after all, you were the beneficiary… or should you put them in a joint account with your spouse? 
The right answer depends on your unique situation. Over the past 30 years of helping individuals who receive USD inheritances (including inherited IRAs),… Read more

Interested in Lowering Financial Stress? Hint: Work Together

Sometimes couples have trouble managing money because they struggle to make joint decisions. If you and your spouse are on different pages in terms of spending and saving priorities, frustration can build over time. In my 30+ years of being a financial planner, I often feel like a family therapist as well as an investment professional…. Read more

Challenging Retirement Stereotypes: A Guide to Pursuing Purpose After Your Career

I recently met with clients who challenged the traditional narrative of retirement. The meeting, which began with focusing on managing their U.S. investment portfolio, evolved into a profound discussion about personal fulfillment post-retirement. The couple, approaching “retirement age,” chose not to “wind down,” but to rediscover themselves. The husband, a psychologist,… Read more

When Should You Invite Your Adult Children into Your Financial Life?
adult children and your estate

Do you find it difficult to talk to your adult children about your financial life? Do you need to change your own mindset from viewing them as “little kids” despite the fact they might tower above you? If your children have matured into responsible adults, now may be the time to start including them in financial discussions.  … Read more

The Impact of the War on Our Clients and Operations

Soon after October 7, I was approached by a U.S. journalist who said he was working on a story “on how the war in Israel may be impacting financial advisors.” He explained, “I noticed on your profile that your firm works in both the U.S. and Israel, so I was hoping you’d be open to talking about how the conflict is impacting you,… Read more

Why Partnership Matters to Unlock Cross-Border Financial Success
PRG partnership

In finance, the right partnerships are key to success, especially when managing U.S. investments from Israel. At Profile Investment Services, Ltd., our 20+ year collaboration with Portfolio Resources Group, Inc. (PRG) has been pivotal. Our shared commitment to supporting Israel was highlighted recently when PRG proudly joined in sponsoring the American Friends of the Israel Defense Forces,… Read more

Is Money Your Friend or Foe? How to End Financial Fears
ending financial fears

Managing money is scary for many people, especially olim who move from America to Israel who may struggle to navigate Israel’s financial system. For that reason, it can be especially helpful to work with a cross-border advisor who understands the challenges of having U.S.-based investment accounts while living in Israel. … Read more

Tackling Investment Stress: Find Your Path to a Balanced Portfolio
balanced portfolio

The Psychology of Investment Risk
Investing in the stock market is not solely a financial decision; it’s also an emotional one. Understanding the psychology behind investment risk is crucial. Many investors face anxiety due to market volatility, and it’s essential to recognize how these emotions impact financial decision-making. The key is to strike a balance between the potential risks and your emotional response to market swings…. Read more