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Are You Too Afraid of Losing Money to Invest in the Stock Market?

Are you afraid of losing money in the stock market? Some investors’ fear of losing money compels them to completely avoid the stock market and other volatile investments. This phenomenon is often called “loss aversion.”
People suffering from loss aversion will sometimes wait until they see the market has gone up a lot,… Read more

Do Egg Farmers or Nobel Prize Winners Make Better Investment Decisions?
egg in basket of money

You don’t have to be an egg farmer or a Nobel Prize winner to understand the sense in planning your finances carefully and not putting all of your money in one place. Diversification, the principle of not putting all of your eggs in one basket, applies to life in general and to investing in particular…. Read more

Important: Keep in Mind this Advice when Writing a Will

When clients prepare their estates, they often ask me advice when writing a will. I’m a good person to consult with, since my office frequently deals with the practical side of a will. In other words, when clients pass away, their heirs approach us since we’re the ones who actually help them get hold of their inheritances.  … Read more