Congratulations on thinking about making aliya!

I made aliya with my wife and family more than two decades ago, and am grateful for the many opportunities Israel provides. Careful planning before your move can eliminate many financial headaches further down the road.

Profile Investment Services, Ltd. has been helping olim answer their financial questions for over twenty years.

We specialize in helping olim

  • manage their U.S. dollar investment and retirement accounts left in America (and open new accounts for them, if needed)
  • understand their new financial and tax status
  • design an investment portfolio that makes sense for a dual citizen and cross-border investor

If you choose to work with us, Profile takes care of certain administrative details and financial planning, PRG oversees the actual trading, and Pershing is the custodian of your assets.

Make an appointment to meet us on your pilot trip.

Download our guides (click on the images below) “How to Prepare Your Finances Before You Make Aliya” and “Pros and Cons of Having a U.S. Brokerage Account While Living in Israel” for answers to questions such as:

  • Should you invest through your Israeli bank?
  • Should you buy bonds after you make aliya?
  • How living in Israel affects your IRA and 401(k) accounts
How to prepare your finances before you make aliyah
The Pros and Cons of a U.S. Brokerage Account while living in Israel

If you have specific questions, please be in touch.

Toll-free from the U.S. 1-888-327-6179 or 02-624-2788 in Israel

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