Are You Getting High Interest Rates on Your Dollar Deposits?
High interest rates

Do you remember the good old days of getting high interest rates on your dollar deposits?
Remember when you used to look forward to getting your monthly statement because the high interest earned made a substantial difference in your bottom line. This doesn’t necessarily only have to be a memory of the past – you can still get high interest on dollar deposits if you know where to shop…. Read more

Want to Boost Your Monthly Investment Income?
Boost monthly investment income

Last week I wrote about a widow who wanted to boost monthly investment income she received from her portfolio. If you missed the column, here’s the bottom line: Consider bonds. (Click here to read the article).
What’s the easiest way to buy bonds?
“Isn’t there an easy way for me to get monthly income from my portfolio… kind of like a pension?” my client inquired…. Read more

How To Squeeze More Dollars Out Of Your Investments
Increase investment income

A recent widow in her seventies came into my office in Jerusalem for an initial meeting on how to increase her investment income. She said that the $25,000 per year from her portfolio and pensions was simply not enough income to maintain her lifestyle.
The pension stopped – Oy!
Her husband’s pensions stopped when he died,… Read more

Is it Hard Not to Worry About Your Stocks?
worry about your stocks

Are you finding it hard not to worry about your stocks? Even experienced investors tremble when the market goes crazy. Here’s what you can do now to minimize your worries:
Ignore the news.
Avoid the “hot” tips that you hear from friends or read about on the internet…. Read more

Here’s a Quick Way to Invest in the Stock Market
Invest in the Stock Market

Here’s a story that’s supposed to illustrate a quick way to invest in the stock market and make a lot of money:
They say that legendary investor Peter Lynch, who ran one of the biggest mutual funds of all time, discovered L’eggs, not from his market research, but rather from his wife…. Read more

The Investment Tool You Need to Invest Your Money Like the Pros
investment tools

“What investment tool I can use to make money like the rich people?” a new client asked me. I could see he wasn’t looking for an in-depth financial education about how to identify great stocks. He just wanted a simple system he could easily follow to increase his chances of making money…. Read more