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Some people want growth from their investments, some want income.

At Profile, we want you to have the investments that let you sleep comfortably at night.

We take the time to understand your needs and wants, as well as your risk tolerance. Once we have a clear understanding of your situation, we can suggest an asset allocation, and guide you through the process of opening an investment account.

All trades are done through our U.S. broker-dealer, Portfolio Resources Group, Inc. As a PRG client you have access to a variety of investments and services, such as:

  • U.S.-based brokerage and IRA accounts (Individual Retirement Accounts)
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs
  • FDIC-insured bank deposits (CDs – Certificates of Deposit)
  • Professional money managers
  • Checking accounts and Visa debit cards
We can open the following types of accounts for you:
  • Individual
  • Joint tenants with rights of survivorship
  • Retirement accounts
  • Trust
  • Estate
  • Custodian for Minor
  • Corporation
  • Traditional IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • Inherited/beneficiary/deceased IRA
  • Sole Proprietorship
Types of Investments available:
  • Equities (stocks)
  • Bonds and other Fixed Income
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Index Funds
  • CDs (FDIC-insured bank deposits)
  • Managed Accounts with Professional Money Managers
  • Unit Investment Trusts
  • Options
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Money Market funds