Not sure if you are a candidate for family office services?

Ask Doug!

Profile’s Family Office provides personal services.

Our Family Office is available to serve the complex needs of busy individuals and families. We provide:

  • Coordination of all aspects of your financial life
  • Integration with your legal, accounting, and other advisors
  • Oversight of charitable donations and philanthropic contributions
  • Investment services
  • Financial planning services
  • Succession planning
  • Household management and other needs

Charitable Investments

As philanthropic specialists, we work with investors who donate to projects in Israel and want to ensure that their money is being used wisely. Just like smart investors oversee their assets, philanthropists want to make sure their money is being well spent. The Family Office monitors that the non-profit organization uses the donation efficiently and effectively.

Life is complex, but the Profile Family Office helps make it simpler.
We draw on our wealth of resources to help you.