Are You Worried About Your Stocks and Market Risk?
Stocks and Market Risk

If the market goes up, and your stocks make a profit, do you still need to worry about stocks and market risk?
Some folks would say, “Awesome!” But others would worry and think, “What goes up must come down.” Worse yet, people with appreciated stocks realize that if they sell their positions in order to lower the risk,… Read more

Will Your Money Take You to the Moon and Back?
Space IL

I just saw some of the fantastic “selfies” sent back from Space IL’s Beresheet. As of this writing, it is set to land on the moon on April 11th.
While this is certainly a giant step in Israeli aviation history, it is also a powerful lesson in the power of small steps and compound interest…. Read more

Do These 4 Things to Have a Financially Successful Retirement
Financially successful retirement

To make sure you have a financially successful retirement in Israel, follow these easy tricks.

  1. Have an emergency fund. No matter how much planning you do, something will likely come up: a health care emergency, a child in need, or a house repair. Many folks must scramble with each surprise occurrence.

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How to Claim an Inheritance from Abroad
inherited ira

If you’ve ever tried to claim an inheritance from abroad, you know the confusion can feel overwhelming. While the deceased may have meant for you to be an heir, the funds don’t magically end up in your account. You’ve got to deal with quite a lot of paperwork and plenty of notarized signatures…. Read more

Do you want steady income from your dollar deposits?

While some people set up their investment portfolio in order to grow their bottom line, others want their investments to provide a steady income.  If you want your dollar deposits to provide income, take the following three steps:
#1. Create an “income oriented” financial plan
Look at the overall economy when creating your financial plan…. Read more

Should You Have Bonds in Your Investment Portfolio?
Bonds in investment portfolio

The past few weeks I’ve written a lot about bonds and considered whether bonds should be in your investment portfolio.  Many people love the income and relative safety bonds provide, but other people hate them.  It’s important to understand why investors love and hate bonds.
Predictable interest rate
LOVE: Folks who despise uncertainty buy bonds because of the “fixed income” schedule…. Read more

Are You Getting High Interest Rates on Your Dollar Deposits?
High interest rates

Do you remember the good old days of getting high interest rates on your dollar deposits?
Remember when you used to look forward to getting your monthly statement because the high interest earned made a substantial difference in your bottom line. This doesn’t necessarily only have to be a memory of the past – you can still get high interest on dollar deposits if you know where to shop…. Read more

Want to Boost Your Monthly Investment Income?
Boost monthly investment income

Last week I wrote about a widow who wanted to boost monthly investment income she received from her portfolio. If you missed the column, here’s the bottom line: Consider bonds. (Click here to read the article).
What’s the easiest way to buy bonds?
“Isn’t there an easy way for me to get monthly income from my portfolio… kind of like a pension?” my client inquired…. Read more