How to Look at Reddit and Robinhood for Investment Ideas
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I saw a “floater” in my eye and, like any responsible person, I Googled everything I could find on the topic. From a respectable site, I discovered, “Floaters are very common and typically don’t require treatment.” Relieved, I figured next time I go for an eye exam, I’ll mention it to the doctor…. Read more

How to Win the “Client of the Month Award”

Today’s “Client of the Month Award” goes to Mrs. S. because of how she stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to understand her investments. 
Who handles the money? 
For convenience, many couples select one partner to handle the investment decisions. It’s OK to do that if that person has more expertise or enjoys dealing with the family’s finances…. Read more

Who Benefits from Your Investments
Who Benefits from Your Investments

People struggle to find a good birthday gift for their parents, but my children know the trick. They can always buy me a book by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, z”l. From their most recent present, Lessons in Leadership, I discovered that Rabbi Sacks’ conclusion, “Seven Principles of Jewish Leadership,” corresponds to some of the most important financial planning lessons. … Read more

Investments in Communication That Can Improve Your Quality of Life

“My mother has enough money,” a client told me recently. “She just doesn’t seem to be as happy as she used to be.” He explained that although she is financially secure, due to the corona epidemic, she hardly leaves her house and has limited personal interactions. He was worried about her quality of life. … Read more

Thoughts on My Daughter’s Wedding
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While you read this, I’m celebrating the wedding of my daughter and new son-in-law. As the flowers wilt and echo of the wedding march fades, I pray the newlywed’s love and commitment only strengthen.
Being an experienced financial professional and a concerned parent, I’d like to offer a few tips on how to maintain financial harmony in a marriage…. Read more

Watch Out for This Investment Mistake
Investment Mistake

World chess champion Susan Polgar once told me that all games of chess will end up as a draw unless one side makes a mistake. After she checkmated me, Susan pointed out that my pieces weren’t coordinated. She explained that individually, every piece on the board is relatively weak. However, when they properly work together,… Read more

Is The Right Company Managing Your Money?
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A tax lawyer recently called me to ask if I could help one of his clients who is inheriting “all sorts of stuff from America.” That “stuff” turned out to be brokerage accounts at two different firms and a retirement account (IRA). “To make matters worse, Doug,” the lawyer told me,… Read more

3 Steps to Stop Your Retirement Nest Egg from Breaking
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A retired couple met me in my Jerusalem office and within minutes of sitting down, it was clear that they each had drastically different views about how to handle their retirement nest egg. The husband wanted to invest heavily in the stock market and the wife wanted more conservative investments to protect their nest egg from breaking…. Read more