Should You Leave Your Children an Inheritance?
Leave your children an inheritance

If you leave your children an inheritance, what will your kids do with your money one day? Most people I meet who receive an inheritance manage the cash influx well. Together, we create a financial plan and then invest according to the plan.
However, sometimes the recipients of large lump sums,… Read more

Why Receiving an Inheritance is Difficult: It’s not “free” money
receive an inheritance isn't easy

Two years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my father passed away. He left his daughters a houseful of memorabilia and his investment accounts.
Along with the emotional turmoil, I was faced with the task of processing the estate.  I learned a few valuable lessons that I hope you can use to organize your own finances to make it easier for your heirs (in 120 years…)…. Read more

How to Avoid Inheritance Anxiety
Inheritance Anxiety

One of the most common side effects of receiving an inheritance is anxiety. This can be caused by the desire to honor the memory or wishes of the deceased or fear of making a financial mistake. It should be comforting to have more money, but sometimes the cash infusion only increases financial worries…. Read more

The Best Way to Invest When You Want to Gift Money

Recently, a couple with four children of various ages asked me for advice on how to invest funds that they had just inherited. They didn’t need the inheritance for themselves, and they wanted to pass it along to their children.
The couple’s oldest child was married and wanted to buy a house,… Read more

What Should You Do When You Get An Inheritance?
get an inheritance

Many of my client relationships began as a result of receiving an inheritance. The sudden infusion of money is a good impetus for a review of one’s goals.
The first thing to do when you get an inheritance is – nothing. There’s usually no rush to spend or invest the money…. Read more

Three Tips for Managing an Inheritance

In my job as a financial advisor helping Americans living in Israel with their U.S brokerage accounts, I regularly receive calls from people who just received an inheritance and don’t know what to do with it.
The first three things you should do after receiving an inheritance are:
Take a step back
Many emotions surround an inheritance…. Read more