The 3 Books You Need to Complete Your Reading List

Although most of my conversations with clients center on helping them with their U.S. brokerage and IRA accounts, I like it when the conversation turns to what’s on our current reading list.
I’m always thrilled when people tell me that they read one of my books and appreciate when they review it on Amazon…. Read more

Is Fear Causing You to Lose Money?
fear of risk

Some investors’ fear of losing money compels them to completely avoid the stock market and other volatile investments. This phenomenon is often called “loss aversion.”
People suffering from loss aversion will sometimes wait until they see the market has gone up a lot, and then they invest. They forget about history and just believe that the economy will continue strengthening…. Read more

The Truth You Should Know About Behavioral Finance
behavioral finance

As a financial planner, my exposure to the field of behavioral finance isn’t just theoretical. When clients come to my Jerusalem office for a consultation, I’m constantly amazed at how frequently their thought processes and rationalization of decisions follows the scientific research of behavioral finance.
What influences financial decisions?
I recently discussed why people invest the way they do,… Read more

Three Money Messes to Avoid
low interest rates

A retired client of mine sent me an email that started: “What a crazy world it’s become! Corona, riots, elections! Who knows what’s next?” I wrote back, “No one knows, but there’s a lot more going on in the world than just that.” I then explained the following three potential money messes and concluded,… Read more

Spend Your Money Now
spend your money

“You always tell people to save,” a prospective client said. “When can I enjoy life and spend money?” 
If you’ve been reading my articles and blogs and listening to my podcast ( over the years, and if you haven’t been spending any money, let’s consider some options for using your cash.  … Read more

An Investment in Israeli Transportation

The last time you drove in Tel Aviv, did you wish there was a more efficient transportation system that’s clean, fast, and comfortable?
As traffic and levels of air pollution rise in the world’s major cities, the need to find an effective system is becoming more pressing than ever. Tel Aviv is the site of an interesting transportation experiment – the SkyTran…. Read more

Adding Global Assets to Your Retirement Portfolio
global assets

Putting a portion of your retirement portfolio in another country is a good way to diversify risk on a global level. The risks associated with the economy of any single country can be mitigated by purchasing assets in other countries. Geographic diversification can be achieved through a U.S. brokerage firm by buying foreign stocks,… Read more

Protect Your Retirement from Inflation
protect from inflation

As you read this, inflation is eating away at the value of your money, and you need to protect your retirement from inflation. Over time, American’s inflation rate has slowly eroded the value of the dollar to the point where $1 today would only have been worth 4.8 cents in 1913 dollars…. Read more

How Much it Will Cost You to Get Another Passport
investing in a foreign country

Investors seeking growth and tax-advantageous investments often look to investing in a foreign country. While this is commonly done with foreign stocks or global mutual funds, there is an unusual trend in foreign investments among the world’s ultra-wealthy…moving to a foreign country.
Countries want wealthy new residents who will invest in their economies and hopefully create jobs…. Read more