Should I be Concerned about a Crash in the Global Economy?
global economy

Is the global economy on the verge of another collapse? Thirty years ago, if you were a stock market investor in the United States, your main concern would probably have been the overall health of the U.S. economy. There was simply no reason for most investors to pay attention to the economic wellbeing of other countries…. Read more

Are Emerging Markets’ Potential Returns Worth the Risks?
emerging markets

Investors are on track to invest $1 trillion in emerging markets in 2017. Emerging market investments allow investors to try to capture higher investment returns in exchange for higher risks… sometimes significantly higher risks.
Investing in rapid growth
As emerging markets transition to free market economies, they can offer potentially greater economic growth (as measured by gross domestic product (GDP)) than developed countries…. Read more

I Don’t Feel Inflation. Is it Hurting My Savings?

Inflation doesn’t hit like the sting of a credit card bill from an overzealous shopping trip. Rather, its bite is slow and painful.
Because the price level of goods and services tends to rise gradually, inflation’s slow incursion on your pocketbook is commonly described as ‘creeping up’ on you.
Good versus bad inflation
Inflation is most noticeable when it rises faster than your salary,… Read more

Can Optimism Increase Your Investment Returns?
Investment returns

Are your investment returns determined by your worldview? Are people hardwired to be pessimists?
Millions of years ago, if an optimistic caveman dismissed a rustle in a bush as the wind blowing, our ancestor may have ended up as a tiger’s lunch. As a result of this early conditioning, the part of our brain called the amygdala scans everything we see and hear for negative news…. Read more

3 Hidden Retirement Risks and How to Avoid Them
retirement risks

What are the retirement risks you should watch out for when planning your future?
The following risks, which often get forgotten, can torpedo even the best-laid retirement plans:
Underestimating the true cost of retirement
Many people plan for rising healthcare expenses as they get older, but they don’t factor in the increasing costs of living longer…. Read more

What You Need to Know About Financial News

Should financial news and media reports affect the way you make your investment decisions?
Recently, a client said: “I just read about _________ (fill in Israeli company name) in The Jerusalem Post, and I’d like to buy 1000 shares.” I hear comments like this fairly often. Since I help people who live in Israel with their U.S.-based IRA and brokerage accounts,… Read more

How to Make the Most of a Strong U.S. Dollar
U.S. Dollar

As a financial advisor, I’m often asked how to take best advantage of a strong dollar.
A lot depends on whether you are looking at the short or long term.
Short-term ideas to get more for your dollar
If you are looking at short-term ways to take advantage of a strong dollar,… Read more