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Should You Leave Your Children an Inheritance?

If you leave your children an inheritance, what will your kids do with your money one day? Most people I meet who receive an inheritance manage the cash influx well. Together, we create a financial plan and then invest according to the plan.
However, sometimes the recipients of large lump sums,… Read more

Why Receiving an Inheritance is Difficult: It’s not “free” money
receive an inheritance isn't easy

Two years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my father passed away. He left his daughters a houseful of memorabilia and his investment accounts.
Along with the emotional turmoil, I was faced with the task of processing the estate.  I learned a few valuable lessons that I hope you can use to organize your own finances to make it easier for your heirs (in 120 years…)…. Read more

Is it Hard Not to Worry About Your Stocks?

Are you finding it hard not to worry about your stocks? Even experienced investors tremble when the market goes crazy. Here’s what you can do now to minimize your worries:
Ignore the news.
Avoid the “hot” tips that you hear from friends or read about on the internet…. Read more

How to Discuss Money Matters With Your Parents
discuss money

Do your aging parents find it easy to discuss money and their personal finances with you?
Many older people don’t like talking about anything financial because they were raised to believe that personal finance is too private to discuss with anyone – even with their own children. Some folks are sensitive about money because of emotional baggage associated with their past…. Read more