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Did Corona Prevent You From Accessing Your Investments?

“I was very glad that your team was available when I needed you last week,” a client told me. “With the world economy shuttered, I was happy that I had access to my investments.” 
During the corona virus panic, non-essential companies had to close down. But companies like ours, who have been entrusted with helping people deal with their money, … Read more

Great News If You Take Distributions from Your IRA
No RMD in 2020

Many of my clients have Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) in America. These special accounts allow them to invest in stock, bonds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), bank deposits (CD’s), and more, and not have to pay U.S. tax on the earnings. 
When do I pay U.S. tax on my IRA? 
When people withdraw money from a regular IRA,… Read more