Three Important Retirement Planning Worries

Though the difference between retirement planning and all-inclusive financial planning may seem slim, people often plan too much for one target.
If you focus excessively on your future retirement, you might forget that you have other bills and goals before then. Obviously, the less money you spend today will mean the more money you’ll have tomorrow…. Read more

Why Retirement May Cost More than You Think
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The typical image of retirement used to be of Grandma sitting on her rocking chair knitting, supporting herself with the sizeable pension checks Grandpa received in the mail. However, this picture no longer represents today’s retirees.
While life expectancy has steadily grown longer, people often continue to retire at the same age that they did decades ago…. Read more

Retirement Planning Isn’t Only About Numbers

Retirement planning is not only financial.
Retirement planning is more than analyzing your expenses and investment accounts. It is a deeply personal journey of who you are, what you like to do, and what type of legacy you wish to create. Retirement planning has a financial component, but before you gather all your bank statements,… Read more

How Much Money Do You Need to Save?
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Traditionally, the rule of thumb in retirement planning is that you need 70-80% of your current income during retirement. This lower figure represents all the expenses (transportation, income tax, etc.) that may not appear in your retirement budget. However, basing the size of your retirement nest egg on the size of your income target doesn’t always make sense…. Read more

The Costs and Benefits of Early Retirement
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Early retirement may sound appealing. But like most things, timing and planning are essential.
Assuming that you have planned your retirement with the help of a professional financial advisor, you should know how much money you will need to support your future lifestyle.
If your retirement income won’t suffice, you may need to consider part-time work…. Read more

What Type Of Lifestyle Do You Want In Retirement?
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Many aspects of retirement planning are based upon actuarial charts and life expectancy calculators that tell you how long the average person lives. It’s difficult to plan for a phase of your life based on an assumption that may or may not actualize. Even if the statistics were correct, they don’t take into account the chances of something unforeseen happening that may alter original projections…. Read more

Do This Now So You Can Afford Your Retirement
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While the concept of “effort is more important than the results” may be an important lesson for young children struggling in school or sports to learn, there are times when the final product is important, regardless of how much effort you put in. One of those times is saving for retirement…. Read more

How to Make the Most of Your Two Most Valuable Assets
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Saving for retirement is all about priorities. Budgeting is a way to redirect your priorities. In fact, retirement planning isn’t as much of a decision “to spend or not to spend” as it is a matter of deciding when to spend. If you spend your money now,… Read more