Though some folks love to invest on their own, others search for an investment team who can help them make strategic decisions. To determine who might be best suited to help you, consider what Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l wrote in his book, Lessons in Leadership: 

Leaders work with others. Only twice in the Torah does the phrase lo tov, “not good,” appear. The first is when God says, “It is not good for man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18). The second is when Yitro sees Moses leading alone and says, “What you are doing is not good” (Ex. 18:17). We cannot live alone. We cannot lead alone. Leadership is teamsmanship. 

When you manage your family’s finances, you are the defacto family leader. As Rabbi Sacks writes, “[Leaders] act. They take responsibility. And they join with others, knowing that there are limits to what any individual can do.”  

Are you aware of your limits in handling your portfolio? Some people like to research stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but others hardly know where to start. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t invest; it just means they need a team to help them. 

Just because you may not be familiar with the mechanics of the securities markets, you may still want to have an investment portfolio to help you protect and/or grow your money. There are plenty of tools available to help, but it’s best to use a team. 

Although you, as the investor, are always in charge of determining the goals of your portfolio (e.g., retirement, gifts for children, vacations, etc.), and you never have to give up control, it’s helpful to consult a financial professional in determining asset allocation and evaluating specific investments. 

Individual stocks vs. funds 

Say you wanted to invest in stocks. You could choose individual companies, or you could buy a mutual fund/ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Financial professionals can help you to decide the most appropriate path for you.  

For more about the benefits of teamwork in investing, read: 

In memory of HaRav Ya’akov Tzvi ben David Arieh z”l. 

Published December 17, 2020.

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