The Bonds American Olim Should Sell
American Olim

If you live in the United States and are in a high tax bracket, a good move to minimize your tax bill is to purchase tax-exempt municipal bonds. This may be a smart move since the tax-exempt status of many of these bonds means that you don’t pay tax on the interest payments that you receive…. Read more

Why We Need Residence-Based Taxation
Residence-Based Taxation

Is the U.S. taxation system unfair to American citizens living abroad?
If you are a U.S. expat who earns all your income overseas and even pays taxes to your new country of residence, you still have to report your earnings to Uncle Sam. You need to provide this information by filing U.S…. Read more

Have You Filed Your FBAR Yet?

If you’re an American citizen, filing your FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) is even more important than planning your summer vacation. The FBAR deadline was changed for 2016, and is now due on April 15 2017.
The FBAR form is a report of any financial account,… Read more

Would Rosa Parks file her FATCA forms or move to the back of the bus?
FATCA forms

America’s greatness is her policy of equality to all and nondiscrimination. Rosa Parks is famous for her stance on refusing to give in to racial discrimination. Who will be the Rosa Parks and stand up against America’s policy of geographic discrimination?
FATCA discriminates against American citizens living offshore since these expats (who by and large file and/or pay taxes without having direct representation) are required to file the form,… Read more

Your Emergency Fund: An Investment or an Insurance Policy?
emergency funds

Putting aside money for an emergency is a good idea, but for an emergency fund to be fully accessible, it needs to be in a liquid asset. Liquid assets, like money markets and CDs receive low interest. So why is putting money aside that won’t grow a good investment?
Reasons not to invest your emergency fund
The money you put aside for emergencies should be enough to cover several months of fixed income…. Read more

How Punitive U.S. Financial Regulations Can Hurt You

If you are a U.S. citizen living overseas, your Social Security, foreign bank account, and investment accounts may cause you the following challenges:
Social Security challenges
If you retire overseas and receive a foreign pension and then apply for Social Security, this can adversely affect your eligibility to receive your full benefit…. Read more

What You Need to Know About Social Security
social security

I recently gave a webinar on the subject of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), which generated lots of feedback. Evidently, the WEP affects many American olim. Many American citizens who have made aliya weren’t aware that their moving to Israel and receiving a pension in Israel would affect Social Security payments…. Read more

How Anti-Money-Laundering Legislation Hurts U.S. Citizens

As a result of anti-money-laundering legislation that was supposed to dry up the cash flow to terrorists, a great deal of trouble has befallen U.S. citizens living overseas. Not only do Americans now have to file IRS tax returns, but any of them who hold an aggregate of $10,000 in overseas accounts needs to file additional forms with the American government…. Read more