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Doug Goldstein’s comments on personal finance, financial planning, and investments are found not only on his blog, Profile Perspectives, but in the media around the world.

Read some of the articles:
Financial Considerations for Expats appeared in MainStreet.com
The Millionaire Residency Visa appeared in The Wall Street Journal
How FATCA Threatens to Derail the American Economy appeared in  The Jerusalem Post 

Douglas Goldstein, on Advising ExPats
 appeared in The Wall Street Journal

What the Facebook IPO Teaches Us About Secondary Markets appeared in Private Opportunities Club

5 Smart Money Moves for Career Changers appeared in Schools.com

10 Ways to Sniff Out Bad Financial Advice appeared in MainStreet.com

The Company You Keep appeared in Bank Investment Consultant
Other articles appear on http://www.jewishpress.com,  www.infobarrel.com  and www.ezine.com

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