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Financial planning starts with a snapshot of all your finances. We look at your cash flow, both current and future, and determine an asset allocation model and savings/budget plan to help meet your needs.

A financial plan provides direction to your financial decisions. It shows how choices you make affect various areas of your finances. For example, a particular investment may help you pay off your debts more quickly or may delay retirement.

Planning is different from investing. The financial plan is the blueprint for your financial house. After you have the structure, we help you choose the specific investments for your account.

Here are the three steps we take together with you to craft a comprehensive financial plan:

  1. Gather your data. We need information about your current investments (including brokerage accounts, pension plans, keren hishtalmut, kupot gemel, keren pensia), your financial and life goals, and your risk tolerance. Download forms and trackers to help you organize the information. 
  2. Evaluate your financial status. We consider all aspects of your situation to determine what you need to do in order to meet your goals. We analyze your assets and cash flow, and recommend speaking to insurance, tax, and legal advisors as necessary.
  3. Make recommendations. We recommend an asset allocation and plan of action based on your individual financial objectives.

It’s important to recognize that a financial plan is an ongoing process, not a static document. You experience changes in your life. Markets change. The economy changes. We stay with you along the way and work with you to adjust and update your plan so that it continues to serve your needs.

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